Asheville NC Cabins for Sale

imagesLearn more about Asheville NC Cabins for Sale. If you are looking for log home builder in Asheville NC, why not try one of these local business.

Appalachian Log Homes of Asheville

This is a less expensive way to build a personalized and traditional log home . The company will assemble the log home framework, while a contractor you hire will lay the foundation, and then put the final touches of a porch, traditional framework and windows, doors and staining the wood. With thirty four different floor plans and a custom design option, possibilities are endless.

Natural Timber Log Homes

This is another log homebuilder in nearby Fairview who will also work with a contractor to set up the framework of your house or cabin while allowing you to get a better bargain. However, they specialize in some of the best materials that both environmentally friendly and the best of the best for building log homes. Their standing dead timber are trees that have been dead for a while, but still standing in the forest, which means they have been left alone by any beetle or bug attacks and have been allowed them to naturally dry out. They will not leak pitch as kiln dried logs sometimes do. With six unique designs and a very informative website, they’re a log homebuilder that’s not to be missed.

Birchfield Log Homes

Located conveniently 30 miles outside of Asheville in Nebo, NC, is a local company that offers eighteen floor plans as well as custom design services. Their logs are milled in Nebo also, making it a local endeavor. They also supply materials for repairing your log home, like handrails and replacement logs.